Agreement For Foreign Exchange

Suppose the spot price of the U.S. dollar and the Canadian dollar is 1.3122. The three-month U.S. rate is 0.75% and the three-month Canadian rate is 0.25%. The three-month exchange rate of the USD/CAD futures contract is calculated as follows: 17.1 Any typographical, clerical or other errors or omissions in the documents we have established under or under this commercial contract are subject to liability on our part. 17.2 A person who is not a party to this commercial contract has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce a clause in that trade agreement, but this does not affect the right or recourse of a third party that exists or is available, with the exception of that law. 17.3 We will provide you with a copy of our commercial contract upon request. We can send them to you by mail, email, fax or ad on our website. 17.4 We may amend this trading agreement at any time, in which case we will post the changes on our website at the same time as the date from which these changes take effect (the “date.” The amendments apply to all of our transactions with you and all contracts you have entered into after the effective date, unless the amendments apply to contracts made before the effective date, if required by law, or if money laundering requirements apply. You should read the current version of this commercial contract on our website before you place an order on us. 17.5 If a provision (or part of a provision) of this trade agreement is found to be invalidated, illegal or unenforceable by a competent court or other authority, that partial provision or provision is considered, to the extent necessary, not part of this trade agreement and the validity and applicability of the other provisions of this commercial contract are not affected. 17.6 No failure or reluctance on our part to exercise a right or remedy under this trade treaty or the law constitutes a waiver of that right or any other right or remedy and does not exclude the continuation of the exercise of that right or any other remedy. The exercise of this right or remedy does not prevent or limit the continuation of the exercise of that right or any other remedy.

17.7 If the provisions of this commercial agreement are in opposition to other documents or information that we have made available to you in connection with a particular contract, this trade agreement is a priority, unless we have expressly agreed in writing that these other documents and information were in full or in part prevalent. 17.8 This trade agreement is the whole agreement between us and you and replaces all previous agreements (written or oral) between us that relate to this matter.