Ayat About Agreement

Then the imam (a.s.) recited the ayat mentioned above. Then your covenant with death will be annulled, and your consent with sheol will not exist; If the crushing plague passes, it depresses you. 1. Common rules and rules for employers and workers2. Specific rules and rules for employers3. Specific rules and rules for staff4. Schiedss.1 Common rules and rules for employers and workers:1.1 Justice and Fair Trade:Peace and prosperity are not possible in any organization if there is no justice and fairness between employer and workers. The employer must guarantee justice by guaranteeing its obligations to the worker and the worker, declaring its obligations to the employer: “O YOU WHO BELIEVE STAND FIRMLY FOR JUSTICE” (Quran: Surah 4 pays 135) Prophet Muhammad (peace be with him) said: “Anyone who unjustly exercises its authority and its power will not enter paradise” (Ahmed , Ibn Majah , Tirmidi)1.2 Employment contract The employment contract between the employer and the worker must be concluded and concluded by both parties before work begins. Salary and duty of service information must be clearly stated in the contract. “The employer must declare the wage to the worker before the worker takes the required work” (Baihaqi)Once the contract is signed, it is the duty of employers and workers to respect the contractual terms.

” Muslims must respect their agreement” (Al Tirmidi)1.3 CONSULTATION:Employers and workers should sit on time to discuss and exchange ideas on business growth and solve problems between the two parties. Allah said: “AND THE BUSINESS IS BY THE CONSULTATION” (Coran: Surah 42, verse 38)The Believers are nothing else Than Brothers. SO MAKE RE-CONCILIATION BETWEEN YOUR BROTHERS AND FEAR ALLAH, THAT YOU MAY RECEIVE MERCY” (Quran: Surah 49 verses 10)1.4 SAFETY:The employer must protect workers from hunger by giving their wages and ensuring the safety of work and workers in order to ensure the safety of their employer`s business by saving against losses. Allah said: “Let THEM LOVE THE MATER OF WHAT PRIVIDES THEM FOOD AGAINST THE FAIM SAFETY AGAINST THE FEAR (DANGER)” (Quran Surah 106, Verses 3-4)1.5 HONESTY:Employers and workers must be honest. Fraud and deception on both sides are not allowed in Islam. Employees should not cheat at work and work less while he is on full pay. On the other hand, the employer should not cheat when it pays less, while the workers work in their entirety. Allah said: “WOE TO THOSE DEAL IN FRAUD, THOSE WHO WHEN THEY HAVE TO RECEIVE BY MEASURE FROM MEN, EXACT FULL MEASURE. But when you give measure or weight to the people LESS THAN DUE” (Quran: Surah 83, verses 1 to 7) – Prophet Muhammad (peace be with him) Says “He who deceives us is not of us” (Muslims, Tirmide, Abudawood)2.