Bonhams Consignment Agreement

Please contact our specialists directly through the sale of art and objects by auction or private sale. Alternatively, please use our Digital Consignment Hub, available on the website for all future sales. Our evaluation team is also able to offer formal evaluations. To contact this team directly, please email [email protected] or call (0) 20 7468 8340 Auction Houses, “You reserve the right” to take legal action to compel buyers who do not pay for the items they offer, but they are not obliged to hire cashing companies or file legal action on behalf of a shipper. If you are not satisfied with your experience of heritage auctions, z.B.dem third largest auction house in the world, the delivery contract you signed waives your right to file a lawsuit. A claim may be made “as part of a confidential and binding arbitration proceeding before an individual arbitrator managed by the American Arbitration Association and executed in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Arbitration procedures generally cost less than litigation, but it can also be almost impossible to make claims against a large company. So which imperfect method of selling art is the best one? The observer has done a deep dive in the shipping costs, so you don`t have to do it. Are you taking him? We all read about the high prices of art and thought, “It could be me.” It might be you, but not so excited that you miss all the fees you might have to do. And there may be a storage fee if buyers or shippers don`t get their property back in a few days ($5 or $10 a day, maybe more). Some auction houses, usually smaller, may charge a shipper for their promotion and promotion fees. In the case of third-party expenses, such as.

B the recruitment of experts, members, shippers or restaurateurs, which the shipper accepts, the auction house can charge the seller both the direct fee and a surcharge (usually 10 percent). If, after signing the delivery contract, the seller chooses to remove an item from a sale – for almost all the reasons – of a sale, there may be contractual costs ranging from 20 to 35 percent of the median estimate. On the high end, Christie`s added a 2 percent “performance” for shippers last fall when selling prices exceeded estimates. Debra Force, former head of Christie`s U.S. painting division and now a private merchant, called the accusation “unheard of,” and no one in the auction house would say whether the special tax was collected or not. It is likely that this tax, like so many other pasted shipping costs, “should be eliminated,” Hindman said. “We have a lot of incidental fees for our standard delivery contract, which are almost never charged. You`re not that big for us, and that makes customers feel good about giving them up. Founded in 1793, Bonhams is one of the world`s largest and most prestigious auctioneers and offers arts and antiques, cars and jewellery. The main auction theatres are in London, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, with auctions in Knightsbridge, Edinburgh, Paris, San Francisco and Sydney.