Capilano Faculty Association Collective Agreement

A collective agreement is a negotiated contract between the employer and the union that sets the wages and working conditions for all workers covered by the agreement. The agreement provides for an appeal procedure in case the employer does not comply with the terms of the agreement. This is the ideal time to remind faculty members that the “collective” part of the concept of collective agreement means that it is a written contract between the bargaining unit (Capilano Faculty Association) and the employer (Capilano University), which describes in detail the terms of employment. A 314% increase in participation is a good thing if a broader and deeper understanding of the processes and working conditions clarified in the collective agreement is expected to be a broader and more importantly, a mutually agreed contract expected by both parties. Let us be aware that we are replacing the imprecise expression of “your agreement” with the more precise term “Our agreement.” In the spring of 2016, the Joint Committee on Regularization reached agreement on a question of interpretation of the existing rules of the treaty. The question dealt with two rules: one to trigger the regularization of non-regulators and the other for the “increase” of normal part-time faculty to a greater number of regular sections. The agreement removed a barrier to the restriction of the basic section that prevented regularization or reloading if the total number of regular sections of the department was thus greater than the “base number”. The number of basic sections is a number of sections that the administration cannot remove from a department without consulting the department. As noted above, there is also a joint agreement negotiated by the FPSE on behalf of several colleges. The terms of this joint agreement also apply to the faculties of the University of Capilano, except to the extent that our collective agreement cancels or amends them (see letter of intent at page 156 of our agreement). Our collective agreement replaces most of the terms of the common agreement, with the exception of certain benefits for which we rely on common agreement. In most cases where the common contract is relevant to us, our collective agreement expressly contains terms of the common treaty, so you will probably not have to refer to the common agreement unless our agreement tells you.

Here is the current version of the joint agreement: Apart from the 2016 agreement, non-regular faculties wish to review this document produced in 2012: A short guide on your rights under the collective agreement of non-regulars. This memorandum (attached above) outlines all the changes made to the previous agreement. Highlights can be made in the latest 2015 trading bulletin. The new wage scales, which include a 5.5% increase by the end of 2018/2019, are on page 5 of the memorandum. We are pleased to inform you that after a series of online bargaining meetings and the exchange of proposals, the Union and the employer have reached an interim agreement which we will recommend to membership for approval.