Gas Purchase Agreement Sample

Enron North America Corp., a Delaware company that has partnered with upstream Company, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware (“Buyer”) and Aspect Resources LLC, a Texas limited liability company, Helmerich-Payne Inc., a Delaware company, Galveston Bay Resources, Inc., a Texas-based, Wilmar Pipelines, Inc., a Texan company (as distributor and agent below for Galveston Bay Resources, Inc.) and Esenjay Petroleum Corporation, a Texas-based company (the four companies as sellers and sellers, “sellers,” “sellers,” one or more), each being a “party” and collectively the “parties,” made this agreement (this agreement) effective as of November 1, 2001(date). This agreement replaces and replaces, as of the effective dateĀ® the specific gas purchase contract (reserves/index price) between Aspect Resources, LLC, Helmerich – Payne, Inc., Galveston Bay Resources, Inc., Wilmar Pipelines, Inc. (as distributor and Gant under Gal 9.Billing Resolution:Disputes over amounts within the jurisdiction of the local jurisdiction for small claims may be heard. The parties do everything in their power to resolve the claim or dispute in good faith through negotiations. After the failure of such negotiations, but within sixty (60) days after notification to the other party of a dispute, the buyer can ask the American Arbitration Association to appoint an arbitrator. The arbitrator conducts a hearing within 30 days, unless the deadline is extended by the agreement of the parties and informs the parties of the decision in writing. The arbitrator is not entitled to amend or complete this contract. The arbitrator`s decision is limited to the issue (s) presented for arbitration. Subject to this limitation, the arbitrator`s decision is final and binding, except that any party may ask a competent court to verify errors of law. The arbitrator`s decision determines and determines the costs of arbitration. This amended and revised natural gas purchase agreement was signed on January 25, 2010, but effective March 1, 2009, between TARGA GAS MARKETING LLC (“buyer”) and TARGA NORTH TEXAS LP (“seller”) (each “party” and “parties”) and defines the conditions under which the seller is sold to the buyer and the buyer will purchase from the seller certain gases (as defined below) manufactured in natural gas processing facilities owned by the seller and operated by the seller. This agreement amends in its entirety and confirms that a specific natural gas sales contract dates from December 1, 2005 and enters into force.

In accordance with the CONTRACT LAW OF THE PEOPLE`s Republic of CHINA, Municipal Gas Management REGULATION, and Municipal Gas Security MANAGEMENT REGULATION, in order to confirm the rights and obligations of both parties, Part A and Part B have reached, after negotiation, the following agreement (hereafter referred to as the “agreement”).