Tomato Agreement

U.S. producers in the southern region have insisted that new safeguards be taken within the USMCA through anti-dumping and countervailing duties, in order to improve even the competitive conditions for subsidies, labour practices and the environment that they consider unfair in Mexico, which make specialized crops grown in the United States, such as tomatoes and blueberries less competitive. On 6 February, the Ministry of Commerce informed the Mexican signatories that it was withdrawing from the 2013 tomato pact. On May 7, the 2013 agreement was denounced, which led to the continuation of an anti-dumping investigation into imports of fresh tomatoes from Mexico and a 17.56% tariff shipped to the United States. An invoice indicating the date of sale, the brand, the type of tomato, the quantity (boxes) and the value; and six. Signatories and outlets retain, where appropriate, a copy of the Mexican export licence, USDA inspection reports and entry documents related to each entry of signed tomatoes in the United States, as well as support files for the return or destruction of batches of tomatoes in accordance with Section VII.C.4. Signatories and distributors must make them available to them on request and make them available to them at any time for trade verification. On September 19, 2019, trade and representatives of the signatory exporting producers, who accounted for most of all imports of fresh tomatoes from Mexico, signed the 2019 agreement suspending the investigation into anti-dumping duties on fresh tomatoes from Mexico (Agreement 2019). 3.

shipping in a form of packaging that is not typical of tomatoes destined for the fresh market (e.g.B. bulk containers greater than 50 lbs.) – Examples of typical forms of packaging in the fresh market and in the box weight table in Schedule C of the agreement; and – detailed list of recovery costs for non-DEFECTIVE tomatoes and expense support documents; When a signatory intends to export items to a box for which there is no average weight on the chart, the signatory communicates the trade in writing no later than five business days before the date of the first export of these boxes to the United States. Signatories can obtain a copy of the proposed form for sending this start-print 49996 page of information from the trade website to This information must be passed on to the trade in accordance with the notification instructions contained in the trade rules. Trade allows any interested party to submit written submissions on the corresponding average weight of the field of no more than ten pages within seven days of the signatory`s written notification, and the trade informs the signatory or his representative of the average weight of the box no later than thirty days after the signatory`s written notification has been filed. Failure of a signatory to inform the trade of planned shipments of tomatoes in boxes with no medium weight on the cardboard weight chart may constitute a violation of the agreement provided for in point VIII.E.9.