Common Divorce Agreements

A separated couple will usually end cohabitation before divorce proceedings – they will then often consider one of the following options: most states require that one or both spouses have resided in the state for a certain period of time before they can file for divorce in that state. The residency requirement is usually six months to a year. However, check this table if you are not sure whether you meet the residency requirement in your country. You can also search online or call Clerk of Court County if you need additional help to find out. Need help? Our family law attorney is at your disposal for any family law and divorce matter in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus County, North Carolina. the family home) is often useful to take responsibility for the debt related to it (i.e. the mortgage), it is not always as simple as it seems. Among other things, even if the spouses accept exclusive responsibility for a joint debt, the joint creditor can usually still attempt to recover both spouses in the event of default. Before discussing financial comparisons in the event of divorce, you must first find out exactly what your fortune is in the eyes of the court. As with everything related to divorce proceedings, we strongly recommend that you consult a qualified family lawyer.

Here are some of the things to consider. Ideally, you and your partner can draft a custody agreement as part of your separation or divorce agreement. If the court has to rule, it will make the decision on the basis of the well-being of the children concerned.