Consent Agreement Airbus

Agreement on the postponement of criminal proceedings with the SFO Airbus has agreed to conclude an agreement with the SFO on deferred prosecutions. This agreement does not constitute an admission of responsibility. As part of the agreement, SFO agreed to suspend Airbus` lawsuits for a period of three years. The lawsuits will be stayed if Airbus complies with the terms of the agreement during this period, as Airbus has committed to do. Given the AFA`s ongoing oversight, the French anti-corruption authority does not impose an independent compliance monitor on Airbus under the agreement with SFO. Regardless of this, Airbus has entered into an approval agreement13 with the United States. The U.S. Department of State`s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) for a period of three years to settle its civil liability for itar violations.14 Without admitting or denying the allegations made in the royalty letter proposed by DDTC, Airbus has agreed to appoint an independent monitor for the duration of the approval agreement15Refer to its policies, compliance procedures and training; undergo two audits; and pay a fine of $10 million (half of the fine being suspended and intended to remedy it). While DDTC speaks about the possibility of administrative exclusion throughout the country, DDTC has decided not to exclude Airbus, as Airbus has accepted the other commitments and corrective measures set out in the approval agreement. The UK Data Protection Agency is part of a broader, globally coordinated solution to investigations into corrupt activities by French and US authorities, through a DPA with the US Department of Justice, an agreement with the US State Department and a Judicial Agreement of Public Interest (CJIP) with the National Financial Prosecutor`s Office. The total financial sanctions imposed by the global agreements amount to almost €3.6 billion. The dissolution of parallel investigations by the French and British authorities and the Foreign Ministries has had repercussions on the sanctions imposed by the DOJ.

For example, Airbus will be subject to the supervision of the French authorities and not to an independent monitor under the DPA. Airbus has reached definitive agreements with the French National Financial Prosecutor`s Office (PNF), the UK`s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the US Department of Justice (DoJ) to resolve the authorities` investigation into allegations of corruption and corruption, as well as with the US.