Controller To Controller Transfer Agreement

So far, it has adopted two sets of standard contractual clauses for the transfer of data from data controllers in the EU to data controllers established outside the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA). 5. Data exports. (i) when European data is transferred from Twitter outside the European Economic Area or a country approved by the European Commission and (ii) it does not have a valid and existing Privacy Shield certification in accordance with Commission Implementing Decision 2016/1250 for the processing of Twitter European Data; You agree and include the Standard Contractual Clauses 2004 (second sentence) (Commission Decision 2004/915/EC) (“C2C SCCs”) with Twitter International Company, the terms of which are included in this Agreement. For the purposes of C2C SCCs, Twitter International Company is the data exporter and you are the data importer and the applicable legislation of C2C SCCs is Irish law. “Instructions” means the UNION`s personal data of social media influencers whose EU personal data is entered by the customer into the customer`s Traackr account, with the exception of certain publicly available influencer data for which Traackr is responsible. At the end of the questionnaire, click “Submit” to create a draft contract containing all the clauses you need to insert, all the optional clauses you have selected, as well as all the other information you have provided about the data transfer. In each scenario, the parties should have an understanding and record of the underlying personal data that will be transferred in order to be sure of their own responsibilities and the responsibilities of the third party concerned that will be reflected in the transfer contract. Not all data exports take place between a controller and a processor – some transfers are made to another controller or between common controllers, and some transfers may contain both the controller to the controller and the controller to the processor who shares and transfers personal data. In addition, the delegation agreement must reflect the fact that a processor will do the following: 3) transparency: provide data subjects with the information necessary to ensure fair treatment (e.g. .B.

Information on the purposes of the processing and transmission), unless such information has already been provided by the data exporter. 2. Rolls and restrictions….