Crude Oil Storage Tank Lease Agreement

However, we are able to arrange storage tanks or storage facilities with our trusted partners in the Vladivostok, Kozmino & Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port area on a long-term or short-term lease/rental. At OPHERGASNEFT, we would like to inform our customers and visitors that we are able to provide oil storage facilities in one of Europe`s busiest ports of Rotterdam to provide more information on renting tanks/storage tanks in Rotterdam for a shorter or longer period Contact our employees below: The independent market for tank depots in the ARA region is an essential part of the international oil and gas production chain. The products stored are, among others, crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals and biofuels. Tank storage companies are considered “independent” because they do not physically own the product. These companies lease refuelling capacity and complementary services to parties that have no assets or storage capacity. Recently, significant investments have been made in the development of tank storage capacities. At present, there seems to be a phase of stabilization and consolidation. Learn more about the demand and supply drivers that influence the ARA tank storage market or other articles in the tank storage markets in our Knowledge Center. Contact us for inquiries regarding storage tanks, oil depots or fuel storage facilities in Russia Every week on Thursday afternoon (16:15), PJK International publishes its report on Ophergasneft`s petroleum product contents. For parties such as oil companies, oil traders, and financial institutions, these are fundamental data for analyzing supply and demand and predicting future trends. .

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