What Is Chelsea And Adam Custody Agreement

“I`m excited because I usually don`t know what`s going on with other girls, you know, personally. So I`m looking forward to the trailers and everything.¬†Another time when Chelsea questioned the visitation agreement came when she talked about writing to Adam Lind Aubree. It was short and simple, but there was no conversation. It was clear that this had broken Chelsea`s heart. At the time, she mentioned the amendment of the court order. After all, Cole DeBoer has been playing the role of Dad for years. Now Chelsea have to make a decision on what they want for Abrebrebree`s future. Cole DeBoer has said many times that he probably wants to be his father. At the time, she dropped the bombshell that she planned to meet with her lawyers to renegotiate Aubree`s custody agreement. Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole DeBoer weren`t happy when their ex-boyfriend Adam Lind violated their custody agreement for their daughter Aubree in this week`s episode. “It`s a joke,” DeBoer said after Houska told him what was going on in Lind`s parents` house. Aubree was about Lind`s parents` home when Lind suddenly showed up, although the custody agreement states that he can only see her during supervised visits.

This forced DeBoer to rush to fetch Aubree, while Houska stayed home with her children Layne and Watson. However, Adam still occasionally appears in Teen Mom 2. From season 9, he says he wants to extend the guard of Aubree. Under the current agreement, Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer have custody of Aubree, while Adam can only attend school events or see his daughter via a supervised visit, according to TooFab. In the preview posted by the official Teen Mom 2 Twitter page, Chelsea reveals that the custody agreement between her and Adam states that Adam can only visit his daughter at a visiting center. Chelsea, who is pregnant with her daughter Layne in the preview, reveals that there is a place for Adam to visit every week with Aubree. Chelsea agree with the weekly schedule and admits it might be good for Adam to “get to know” his daughter. But her physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional ups and downs she experienced in front of the camera. From dysfunctional relationships (a staple of teenage mothers) to long custody battles, Chelsea has gone through it all. So, without further ado, here`s chelsea Houska`s unspeakable truth. .